Langston Board Elections

Volunteer Opportunities for Parents!

This week you received an email for the Langston Board of Directors informing you about the upcoming election of officers on April 23.  CLICK HERE to link to the letter in case you missed it.

This is the slate of current candidates and open seats.

Chair- Brett Pyle.

Vice Chair – Scott Zemitis

Registrar- Terry Pilch

Governance - Tammy Ferrell

Public Relations - Judy Johnson

Human Resources - Beth Mixson

Academic Affairs - Elaine Wiegert

Legislative Liaison - Lisa Stevens

Secretary – OPEN

Treasurer - OPEN

Ways and Means -   OPEN

Alumni Director - OPEN

Campus Activities Director - OPEN

Serving on the board is open to all parents, relatives, friends and community members; in fact, a diverse group is in the best interest of the school.

Anyone wishing to serve simply completes the Self-nomination Form  (CLICK HERE for the form)  and then sends it to our principal, Greg Abel.

If you would talk to someone about what is involved or suggest an ideal candidate, please contact:

Lisa Stevens, Chairman

Brett Pyle, Vice-Chair

Tammy Ferrell, Governance Chair

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