School Supply List


Langston Charter Middle School

Student Supply List 2014-2015



Supply/Technology Fee: $50 - payable to LCMS by August 18, 2014

The supply fee will provide your child with a daily academic planner and supplies needed in every classroom.  Instead of asking each student to bring glue sticks, scissors, markers, colored pencils, etc., we have purchased those items in bulk and they will be available in every classroom.

Student planners will be distributed at the beginning of school.  Students are required to use the planner for keeping daily assignments, recording grades, setting goals, etc.  For consistency, all students are required to use the school-provided planner.

Every student will have a subscription to Microsoft 365.  This subscription includes a school email address, cloud storage on Microsoft's OneDrive, and a license to download the Microsoft Office suite on up to 5 devices.  Students will use these resources to collaborate, create, store, and submit work.

Personal School Supplies - each student needs his/her own:

Three-Ring binder(s) with folder dividers OR spiral notebooks and folders for each class.

Loose leaf notebook paper - wide-ruled is preferred

Assignments done on paper torn from spiral notebooks may not be accepted.

Students are expected to have their own supply of paper. Constant borrowing from other students will not be allowed.

Pens/Pencils (a small personal pencil sharpener would be helpful)

Red and Green Pens for correcting and editing in English class

IMPORTANT: Our goal is for each student to be organized. If your child has a system

that works, we would suggest that he/she continue it.



Back Packs:

Rolling back packs are permitted.