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Donations can be made with a one-time annual check, a monthly ongoing bank draft or a PayPal charge to a credit card.

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Langston Charter Middle School is in it's 14th year of educating students with the core values established by our founders: Lisa Stevens, Tammy Hill, Toni Malpass, Tink Baker, Dale Brubaker, Rachel McCanless and the late Ramon Ashy.  Their dedication to affect change in public middle school education, and our commitment to academic excellence are what have helped make our school a success.

The Langston Foundation exists to raise funds to meet the capital needs of the school and to elevate community awareness of Langston Charter Middle School.  It is up to each charter school to finance the purchase of its building.  Through direct donations from our families, corporate matching gifts, fundraising efforts, corporate sponsorship and other activities, the Langston Foundation helps fund campus improvements, technological purchases, and mortgage debt.  This past school year, these sources of funds added up to nearly $200,000, mainly from Langston parents! 


Incredible things are possible when we join together and everyone helps to do their part.  If every Langston family were to give $60 to $100 per month per child, we would be well on our way.  Langston exists because a dedicated group of parents and teachers took an enormous risk in 2005 to establish what we all know is the best middle school in Greenville!  We are the ones who now must carry the torch and ensure Langston is here for the next group of very lucky students.


Your tax-deductible contribution to the Langston Foundation is one of the most important gifts you can give to make a difference for our children and future generations of Langston students.  Donations can be made with a one-time annual check, a monthly ongoing bank draft or a PayPal charge to a credit card.  We gratefully thank each and every family who have in the past, and who continue now, to support Langston Charter Middle School.


Langston couldn’t do it without you!


Alison Thompson

Director of Development


Alison Thompson
Director of Development

1950 Woodruff Road

Greenville, SC  29601 

Phone: 864.286.9700


Email Alison Thompson 

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