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All food items/entrees from local vendors must be purchased and paid for online before 9:00AM on the day of service.  You may purchase lunches for the entire month at one time.  

If you have ordered for a day and your child is sick, you may cancel the day's order before 9:00AM.  If cancelled before 9:00AM, you will receive a credit in your online cart that can be used the next time you order.  Your account will not be credited after 9:00AM because the food will have already been ordered from the vendor.

Students may purchase snack items, bottled water, apple juice, etc. in the lunch line with cash.  No pre-ordering is necessary for these items, although you may order them with the entrees online as well.

After ordering, please print the calendar showing your selections for the week/month.  We suggest keeping a copy on your refrigerator and one in your child's planner or folder.

Please note that there is a $0.99 service fee for orders less than $25.00.  To avoid the fee, simply purchase lunches for several days or a month in advance.  Or you can pay $25.00 and have a credit on your account for your next order.  The charge will show as MyFoodDays on your account.

Lunch Vendors: 

Monday - Culver's     

Tuesday - Chuy's

Wednesday- Chick-fil-A    

Thursday - Firehouse Subs  

Friday - Students should bring a bag lunch

Items available from each vendor are found on the ordering screens once you create an account and log in.  There is a salad and/or vegetarian choice available every day.

All lunch orders are processed through the Langston Market Place   found in the tab above.

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