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When the school was founded, our board of directors identified eight core values (or principles) that are meant to be a guide for future growth and decision making. 
Core Academics

Langston provides challenging academic opportunities with the primary focus on a core curriculum of English, Math, Science, History and Foreign Language. We value highly qualified teachers who are innovative and passionate about students learning.


Single Gender Classes 

Classes are taught in single/same gender groups. Boys and girls often learn differently.  By respecting the differences in learning styles and development, teachers can instruct more effectively. Students are educated in an environment that encourages and equips them to reach their full potential.


Small Classes

The small classroom enhances the opportunities for individual attention and participation. Accomplishments and achievements in the classroom are designed to last a lifetime. Protecting the integrity and effectiveness of the small classroom is paramount in all school decisions.

Leadership Training and Community Service
Leadership training focuses on independent thinking, developing vision, and organizational skills. Through personal commitment, students set and accomplish goals, thus inspiring others to follow. Langston students are trained to explore service opportunities and to look beyond "their world." By personally accomplishing and generating tangible results, students acquire true self esteem and realize the value of their contributions to society.

Parent Involvement
Parent involvement is a major cornerstone in the daily life and culture of Langston. The Parent/Faculty Partnership is vital to student educational success. Parents shall lead, participate in, and contribute to extra-curricular school activities. Parents sharing their knowledge, skills, and talents model service and leadership by example.


The purpose of the school uniform is to focus students' attention on academics by reducing distractions.  Students distinguish themselves by their actions and accomplishments, not their wardrobe.

Ethical Conduct
All operations of Langston Charter Middle School will exemplify integrity through proper business protocol, financial responsibility, and accountability to all concerned parties. The leadership of Langston will unequivocally uphold the school charter, its bylaws, and all state and federal laws.

The United States of America is our home by choice. A true patriot is someone who loves, supports, takes pride in, and is prepared to serve his/her country. Respect, devotion, and loyalty to the United States of America, its laws, and constitution, shall be upheld by Langston Charter Middle School faculty, staff, students, parents, board members, and volunteers. To demonstrate these patriotic values, Langston shall always fly the American and South Carolina state flags and shall always affirm the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States of America.

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